Beautiful Beach Maternity Session

Since moving to Charleston our primary focus has been proposals, engagement sessions, and weddings. Getting to catch Shawna and Alex for a beautiful beach may maternity session was a refreshing experience as we head into a busy summer and fall wedding season.

Leading Up to Life

Anyone who follows us knows I am a hopeless romantic and as cheesy as it may be… I love, love. We see it at the start. The nervous gentlemen about to take a knee. The girls when their hand comes to their face in disbelief that he is FINALLY asking. Fast forward, we stroll around our beautiful city with our future bride and grooms and get to watch them in the happiest time of their life. We love pulling our engaged couples away from the stressors of wedding planning! While they are with us they get some freedom to focus on their engagement to the love of their life. Wedding day. The vows. I dos. Its 8-12 hours of beautiful that cumulate to a lifetime of memories.

Beach Maternity Session

“One of the most important days of our lives” is our wedding day. But it feels so minuscule when we put it next to one of the biggest blessings in this world. Bringing a new little life into this world!

We met Shawna and Alex when we first got to Charleston, long before she was looking for a photographer for her Beautiful Beach Maternity session. Shawna actually initially booked us for a couples session last fall. A lot of life has happened that caused her session to be postponed for almost a year! Fast forward, and we found the perfect opportunity for her and Alex to spend the afternoon with us. But now they were bringing a new addition. 🙂

Beauty and the Beach

Do you see what I did there? Our dad to be was a trooper! He worked for everything that was beautiful during this Maternity session. Alex actually hurt his Achilles tendon shortly before our session and was wearing a boot for the session. Props to this fitness gooroo. He took it off for this beach maternity session! We may have moved a little slower, but my goodness, Alex was determined to make these pictures look great for Shawna! I think together, they pulled this off quite well. What do you guys think?

Couple dressed in white posing for their maternity photos and smiling at each other

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