Kara and Andrew – Charleston Downtown Engagement

One of our cutest couples this year that Valarie and I get to share their wedding day with is Kara and Andrew! We were so excited to share a Simple, Sweet, Charleston Engagement with Kara and Andrew who currently live and work in New York City… Wait… New York, why is that amazing!?

For those of you who know Valarie and I, you know New York holds a special place in our heart. Read the whole story about our engagement here. New York is where Valarie claims she had an epiphany and decided I was a good choice. It’s also where we got engaged and began our own journey towards all things wedding. But back to Kara and Andrew!

We don’t always get to speak to prospective Charlie and Valarie Brides right off the bat. Normally a few emails are exchanged before we finally get to chat. We were fortunate enough to have Kara call us right back eager to talk about all things weddings and photography. Valarie joins in for all our phone conferences and I am pretty sure if I had given her the phone her and Kara could have talked for hours.

Wine Country Proposal 8-19-18

Who doesn’t love to travel? At least once a year Kara and Andrew cross a new destination off their bucket list. In 2018 Andrew and Kara were invited to Napa to celebrate a friend’s wedding in Napa, California. Napa’s beautiful wine country was a top spot on Kara’s vacation destination list and was a perfect setting to ask Kara one of the most important questions to date for them. Andrew had the ring ready from the start but was searching for that perfect opportunity. That finally came on a cute drive from Sonoma to Napa. Andrew spotted a tiny hilltop vineyard that resembled the Italian countryside. After a little Champaign flight tasting, Andrew decided to “Pop” the question! See what I did there? With their new “fiancé” titles, they drove down the Pacific Coast highway in a little Volkswagen convertible and started their engagement with that fresh Californian sea breeze.

Little Signs

When Kara and Andrew finally decided to have Valarie and I as their wedding photographer we were pumped. I may have even done a little dance. (I can’t dance, and Valarie will tell you the same.) One thing we love doing is sending a little welcome and thank you gift to our new Bride and Groom To-Bes. So keeping with tradition we sent our little gift. Every bride and Groom are different, and we try to choose items that we feel best fit the couple. In this instance, I chose a Candle called “The Meadow.” Sound familiar? Yep, that’s right! Long Meadow. Valarie and I had no idea at the time the significance of the word “Meadow” to Kara and Andrew, but how cool is that?

Parks, Beaches and a Downtown, Charleston Engagement

We were so excited when Andrew and Kara finally got into town. After a few months of waiting, and a small black eye scare a few weeks before, we finally got to hang with Kara and Andrew. (And their moms.) We started off in one of my favorite parks in Charleston to photograph engagement sessions. Hampton Park. Timing is everything and Hampton Park was filled with blooming pinks and whites all over the place! We broke past those initial meeting your photographer jitters and Andrew and Kara Rocked their engagement session!

After Hampton Park, we headed to downtown Charleston where we hit up the Charleston classic “Rainbow Row.” Now, friends, we have been to Rainbow Row a few times. But we never knew there was a freaking beach there! That’s right! Right off Easy Bay Street and next to the Historic Charleston Foundation building is a little beach. You have to time it right with low tide, but it’s worth the hop over the wall to catch a beachy vibe with a rainbow row backdrop. We finished off the engagement session with the sun setting over Charleston and Andrew and Kara sharing a little stroll through the water barefoot and toes in the sand.

Andrew and Kara, we absolutely cannot wait to share your wedding day with you both!

Engagement Charleston SC Hampton Park
Charleston Engagement Hampton Park


Cute Engagement pictures at Rainbow Row

   Charleston Engagement at the Beach near rainbow row

Engagement Photography Downtown Charleston SC Rainbow Row

Engagement Charleston Rainbow Row Beach

Engagement Downtown Charleston

engagement downtown charleston beach

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