Dreamy Engagement Session at Charles Towne Brewery and Hampton Park

Lauren and Ben met us at Charles Towne Fermantory Brewery for their dreamy Engagement session. Guys and girls, Ben and Lauren did not disappoint! It felt like Valarie and I got to re-live a little bit of their special night. After sharing a beer and catching Lauren and Ben in their element, we headed over to Hampton Park to pop some Champaign. It was incredibly perfect! But seriously, it’s not often your Bride and Groom to be’s ask to meet them for a beer prior to their engagement session. It’s a true testament to how freaking awesome these two are! We absolutely cannot wait to share their special day this December!

Engaged couple hampton park bench close and posed

Meet Lauren and Ben

Valarie and I first met Lauren and Ben at a local coffee shop here in Charleston. Well, first we met Lauren. Ben had to take a rain check when the weather had him under. We met Lauren and It was magic. I would say the three of us hit it off but have to admit, that Valarie pretty much became besties with Lauren. I was just along for the ride at that point. But seriously, Lauren’s personality is super sweet and you can see it reflected in all these images!

A Two-Sided Story

During an engagement session, if you ask any couple how the two met and started dating, you will often get two completely different stories. We gave Lauren and Ben a little homework after their dreamy engagement session. Having never done this before but thought it was a cute idea for us to learn a little about them. We asked Lauren and Ben to write us the story of how they met with one condition. They were not allowed to consult one another.

According to Ben, Lauren and his journey started years before they first met as adults. 14 years to be exact. And since according to Ben, his account of their meeting is “the most accurate and correct account,” we will use his statement as our primary source… Okay, maybe not. But I had you second guessing.

Sunday School Crush(ed)

Our groom to be’s childhood (and possibly adult-hood) love is Harry Potter. After reading Lauren and Ben’s different perspectives, you can clearly feel the passion Ben has for Harry.

Taking this story back before the Charlestowne Fermentory engagement session meet-up we find Ben and Lauren went to the same Sunday school and youth group. It was at youth group Lauren said something to Ben no one could ever forget and something no Harry Potter fan could ever dream of. In that same instance, according to Ben…

After two years, every week, Sunday school and youth group, nothing, she remembers nothing


Harry Who?

You see, the youth group all those years ago was discussing something in the realm of Harry Potter. This is when Lauren chimed in and permanently earned a place in Ben’s heart.

“I just don’t understand.  Why would anyone read the books when there are the movies?”


The good guy Ben was at the time, promptly explained to Lauren how the movies were encroaching on all the goodness the books had done for the world and his childhood dreams. Obviously attuned to the situation, Lauren followed up with…

Oh!  I thought the books came after the movies.


That’s right. She said that. Ben allowed time for self-reflection in his story to me, so I will do the same for you… I myself can remember how popular the books were, and some of the fun debates we had with “the readers” when I was in school. This is where I will have to side with Lauren. I never read the books, but sure did watch the movies. Sorry, Ben.

Charles Towne Fermentory

So fast-forward back to present time and roughly two years prior to our dreamy engagement session. We are on a girl’s night out with Lauren and her friend Kayla who recently swore off relationships. Funny how that works. Enter “Ben” who began to “spit his best game” towards Lauren reminding her of how the two of them went to church together years ago and how she betrayed Harry Potter fans everywhere.

After the Harry debate was settled (for now) Lauren and Ben hit it off. They spent the rest of the night laughing and watching their friends lick each other’s faces. (Shout out to their friends Thomas and Kayla.) The next day Ben and Lauren went on their first official date at the Cat Cafe where Lauren says she knew right away something was different. Two years later, in Ireland, we find out Ben indeed was something special.

How to Make an Epic proposal, by Ben

[x] Book a trip to Ireland.
[x] Surprise her by having her best friends arrive in Ireland.
[x] Really sell that her friends are all you surprised her with.
[x] Skip all likely places for said proposal. (Cliffs of Moher)
[x] Take her on top of a Castle.
[x] Make her hang upside down off the side of the top of said humongous Castle and kiss The Blarney Stone.
[x] Be on one knee when she comes back up with the ring seen below.

Rose gold diamond engagement ring sitting in a pink flower
Boy dressed in green pants and girl in striped dress standing at Charles Towne Fermentory for their engagement session.
Boy dressed in green pants and girl in striped dress sitting at Charles Towne Fermentory for their engagement session and having a draft beer and kissing
Boy dressed in green pants and girl in striped dress kissing next to a window at Charles Towne Fermentory for their dreamy engagement session
Boy dressed in green pants and girl in striped dress kissing next to a window at Charles Towne Fermentory for their dreamy engagement session
Boy dressed in green pants and girl in striped dress inside Charles Towne Fermentory for their engagement session
Engaged couple in dreamy engagement session popping champagne at Hampton park Charleston South Carolina

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