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Everyone loves good Hair and Makeup tips for your wedding day! Your wedding day and other huge bridal events are probably some of the most important aspects that can make photos we capture of you go from great, to absolutely stunning. One of the first things we’ve learned as a wedding and engagement photographers is what goes into a beautiful image. The light, what your wearing, the backdrop, all of the people around you and so many other variables. What we can tell you, is no matter how much experience gained finding light, we will never be a professional able to style your hair or tell you about skin care. That’s why I bring my fiance Valarie to every shoot. Plus she’s really cute so I like having her around. 🙂

Charleston Bridal Hair and Makeup

Not that we need to say it, we absolutely love taking your photos! But we also want you to look great while we do it! So we would love to introduce Olivia from Charleston Bridal Hair and Makeup. Olivia is a local Hair and Makeup Artist here in Charleston, SC. She is ready to pamper you with all your hair and makeup needs. If you are getting ready for your engagement session, or your wedding day, Olivia is ready to help make you look picture-perfect. She provided us with four hair and makeup tips for your big day and all moments leading up to it.

1. Dirty Hair, Don’t Care

Your first hair and makeup wedding day tip. Dirty hair is better than clean hair! I know, you’ve probably all heard that one before but it’s worth saying again! There’s always one girl in the group that will voice she must wash her hair the morning of or it’ll be “greasy.” If you feel you must shampoo the morning of to feel your best, I say go right ahead, girlfriend! There are some really great products now that can give the hair the “grit” (for lack of a better word) it needs to hold! I’d never want to work with actual dirty hair but if it’s too clean it makes the job harder than it needs to be. Shampoo and condition the night before and you should be good to go by morning.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

Always do a trial run with your stylist! This is a big one and a must “Hair and Makeup tip for the wedding day!” Even if it’s just meeting for coffee and going over your vision board, I think it’s so important to meet and allow your stylist to see the hair they will be working with. This allows them to say, “Yeah! This is going to be beautiful on you and you have the perfect hair for it!” Or she might say, “Hey this is stunning and it would look beautiful on you BUT we need to get you some extension to pull this off.” There are so many things that could factor into pulling off your bridal vision and your stylist is the expert on it and know how to make it happen! #ittakesapro 

3. Wedding Tip: Skin Care in addition to hair. Makeup isn’t everything

Wedding Skin care Tip! Get on a regimen with professional products starting 3 months before the wedding. Treat yourself to a facial and let the pro tell you what you need to make sure your skin is at its best! There’s nothing worse than trying something new too close to the wedding and having to get your makeup artist to cover it up. Even when it’s concealed you can still feel it’s there and that can take a hit to your self esteem. #NotTodaySatan

4. Pamper and Style Your Party

Treat your bridal party to at least one service on the big day. Your friends have been to all the parties. They went to the showers, the brunches, and the bachelorette weekends. They are here again to celebrate you on the long-awaited big day. We are sure they likely bought the dresses, the shoes, the gift, and the plane tickets! Tip: Thank them on the wedding day by giving them the treat of being pampered and have their hair and makeup done too! They deserve it! Also, a lot of salons and other artists won’t travel to just a bride. It just makes sense to have everyone look more put together. If you are providing their hair and makeup there’s less worry about Susan doing her own eyeshadow and looking similar to how she did bachelorette weekend. There’s always one… smh.

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