Rose Petal Engagement

Weather here for a Charleston, South Carolina engagement can be extremely unpredictable. As I sit here writing this, thunder is cracking in the background and our little Maltese Bella is shaking on my lap. (You should try to write a blog post with a nervous puppy on your lap.) When we went out for Holly and Jordan’s downtown engagement session, there was a 0% chance for rain. ZERO. It was sunny, 95 degrees, and no clouds in sight. Holly was still glowing as she received her brand new engagement ring about a week prior to our meeting. She and her new fiance Jordan were such troopers! Our multi-day session would begin with a little rain and end with a separate rose petal engagement session.

Before the Engagement

Holly and Jordan met their sophomore year of college in an English class at the University of Tennessee. ‘You look really familiar‘ Holly stated as she made the first move and attempted to strike up some conversation. It’s no wonder Holly was hooked with Jordan’s smooth and calm reply of… “Ha– Cool.” Destiny kept pushing that conversational gap closer as Holly and Jordan ended up on the same homecoming committee!

A few weeks later Jordan invited Holly to go check out a cover-band in Knoxville where he impressed Holly with what she calls ‘Killer Dancing,’ to the tune of E.T by Katy Perry. (Jordan, we are going to have to witness this dance she speaks of.) If you ask Valarie, I am quite the dancer myself… I swear.

These dance moves of Jordan’s sold Holly and she even remembers telling her sister “I think I actually like this guy.” Holly made her move again and asked Jordan to hang out . His reply…

“…are you being serious? “

Anyone else ever been in Jordan’s shoes? I know I have. But that feeling of him being in disbelief just shows how much Jordan is smitten with Holly! They spent their next hangout watching Disney movies until 3 am. <3 They are currently working on the rest of their fairytale. 🙂

Moss with flowers and trees in charleston

Rain Rain Go Away

We arrived at Blind Tiger Pub to meet our new adorable couple for drinks prior to our Charleston engagement session. It was hot, sunny and beautiful. The thunder and rain clouds were kind enough to roll in about 30 minutes into our engagement session when we were finally starting to hit our stride. It didn’t pour down the heavens on us but gave us just enough rain to put a funk on all of us. Now if any of you know Valarie and I, we don’t like funks. We fought the funk until all of us were wet enough that we decided we should try for another day.

From Rain to Rose Petal

We all juggled our schedules around, chugged some coffee and made it out for attempt 2 at their session two mornings later. It was beautiful! The light was perfect and this time, with a 40% chance of rain, we nailed it! (It didn’t rain at all.) We ventured all around downtown, hit Longitude Lane, Rainbow Row, Tradd St, and finished off by The Battery where we broke out the light pink rose petals to finish off their engagement session!

Wedding Plans

Holly and Jordan pretty much got engaged yesterday. They haven’t locked in a date quite yet but debating between their wedding venue in Tenessee or Charleston. (Obviously, I favor one over the other. ;)) Regardless, the moral of this story is Holly and Jordan are adorable and should enjoy the next few months soaking up being engaged to the love of their life!

Couple on spiral green staircase engagement session

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